Yoav Matia


Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Yoav Matia is a Ph.D. Candidate and a research fellow at the department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. Yoav has returned to academic research after eight years' experience in Israel's cutting edge high-tech industry. He is currently researching fluid-structure interaction, focusing on elastic deformation of beam-shaped structures due to embedded fluidic networks. His research utilizes a wide array of methods including: perturbation analysis, scale analysis, numerical simulations and experiments.


The Effect of Connections between Fluid-Filled Cavities on the Dynamics of Solid-Liquid Composite Beams

In this work we study large deformation, two-way coupled fluid structure interaction dynamics of an elastic beam embedded with a set of fluid-filled cavities. This work examines the effect of connections between the fluid-filled cavities on the mechanical response of such solid-liquid composite beams to external excitations. We show that by modifying the viscous resistance or rearranging the configuration of the connecting tubes we are able to modify both the amplitude and shape of induced deformation patterns. The presented approach allows to model and design structures with dynamically changing mechanical properties, as well as studying of such structures in the context of energy harvesting applications.

Open Questions:

What are the advantages over present-day technologies for harvesting energy from turbulent waters and what are the optimal deployment setting for such harvesters? Which methods are preferable for converting fluid power output to electrical? What interactions will emerge from a field of such lamellae when arranged both in tandem and laterally, and how if possible, to create constructive interference between neighboring lamella.